The Embodied Risk and Safety

... was born out of ethic to tell a new story and the need for a new, fresh vision for risk and safety, so let's learn about it together ... 

The Embodied Risk and Safety

... is widely explained in a fascinating book, titled "It Works" by Brian Darlington and Dr Robert Long ...

The Embodied Risk and Safety

... has its own column, titled 'Safety from the Heart' in a South African "Sheq Management" magazine ...

The Embodied Risk and Safety

... and its meaning are shortly introduced in the following material  ...

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Our Motivation

The purpose of this site is to share articles, blogs and books and various links with leaders and persons employed in the risk and safety field in our drive in humanising efforts in risk and safety. 

Our Vision


The focus of presented material is on promoting a different way of thinking and shifting some of the attention from traditional safety to a more balanced approach. This includes psychological and cultural elements.

Semiotics and its strong connection to Social Psychology of Risk

By definition, semiotics is the study of signs and symbols. The importance of understanding them has been of interest well before the formal study of semiotics was founded in the 1900s. For generations people invested the meaning of the most magnificent moments of their life in signs and symbols, eg. wedding ring, tattoos, or art. Let's have a closer look into their indirect meaning...

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